US History
Zinn – Chapter 9
Reading Guide #1 (pages 167 -- 185)

1. What is a “plantation system” – Where did this system take place?

2. Some historians viewed slavery as “necessary transition to civilization” – What does this mean?

3. According to slave, John Little, why did slaves “sing & dance”?

4. If organized & open rebellion among the slaves was rare – what forms of resistance are presented to show defiance?

5. Who was Nat Turner?

6. Who was Harriet Tubman?

7. How were poor whites used to buffer black hatred?

8. How was religion used for control?

9. How did “family” institutions survive among the slaves, if slavery often broke apart individual families?

10. Who is David Walker?

11. Who is Frederick Douglass?

12. What is The Fugitive Slave Act (1850)?

13. By 1857, tensions grew and Blacks became more militant.  How do the attitudes between Blacks and Abolitionist supporters differ?

14. Who is Sojourner Truth?

15. Who is John Brown?

16. What evidence does Zinn offer to demonstrate that Lincoln was a political moderate?

17. On page 184, Zinn quotes from Lincoln’s inaugural address.  What does Lincoln state with regard to slavery?

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