US History
Reading Guide 3
Zinn, Chapter 7 (139 – end)

List the Georgia laws, which hindered the Cherokee Nation.

In Jackson’s re-election in 1832, how many people voted?  How many citizens could vote?  What was the population of the country at that time?

Summarize the main point in Van Every’s comment at the bottom of page 140.

In 1836, both state & federal governments agreed that the Creeks needed to go.  What pretext did they use to break the treaty they had established in 1832?  Additionally, considering the invasion of the Creek lands, why does this action by the state & federal governments seem unclean?

Why did 800 Creek Indians volunteer to fight the Seminoles?  What was the inevitable outcome of this action?  What did a New Orleans newspaper write concerning their travels on the Monmouth?

What tactics did the Seminoles use in the war with the US Government?

What is the “trail of tears”?

How many Cherokee died on the move west?

What is ironic about President Van Buren’s statement to congress in December 1838?