US History
Reading Guide
Zinn, Chapter 7 (124 – 131)


Since President Washington’s militia could not “remove” the Indians, what did Knox & Jefferson (cabinet members) say?

What did President Jefferson buy from France in 1803?

What did Jefferson wish to guide the Indians to do with their lives?

What did George Washington & Patrick Henry buy?

Despite fighting for the Revolution, the Chickasaw Indians lost their land.  How?

Summarize Tecumseh’s attitude toward the Whites (quote on 126).

Andrew Jackson became a national hero because (several reasons)...

With Jackson’s treaty of 1814 with the Creeks, something new was introduced.  What was introduced and what was its effect?

Why did Jackson go into Florida to fight the Indians?

Zinn refers to the Florida purchase of 1819...he calls it something else.  What does he call it?

What counterpoint does Zinn offer to US History textbooks with regard to Jackson?

In Chief Black Hawk’s speech on pages 129 & 130, he contrasts the Indians with the Whites.  What does he point out?

Lewis Cass, a one-time Presidential candidate & “expert” on Indians, offers his insights and motivations on Indian Removal.  What are his reasons to support it?