Citations & Works Cited
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Citations within the paper

At the conclusion of the direct quote or paraphrase or summary, place the following:

Among George Washington's critics are those who wonder how the nation might have developed had he sided with Jefferson in the partisan debates that swirled all around him as president. By eventually identifying himself with Hamilton, he actually furthered the partisanship that he so vigorously denounced in his farewell speech to the nation. This is Washington's most significant failure as a president, in the eyes of those historians who doubt his greatness and question
his role. (Hemmings 331)

Note the following from the example:
1) the source is marked with (author’s last name page #)
a) if a source has no author, use the title in place of author’s name
-      Example (“The Washington Presidency” 331)
b) if a source has no page #, ignore the page # requirement
- example (Hemmings)
c) there are NO COMMAS between the two pieces of information

2) since the quote is over 3 lines long, it is indented
a) if the quote is under 3 lines long, allow it to stay within the flow of the paragraph
b) if the quote is under 3 lines long, the parenthetical citation is included within the sentence; thus, the period follows the citation

Works Cited
Author’s name (last, first).  Title of Book.  Place of Publication: Publisher, date (year).
Franklin, Ben. The Only President of the United States Who Was Never the President of the United States.  Philadelphia:  Colonial Books, 1802.

Author’s name (last, first). “Title of Article.” Title of Publication  Date (day/month/year): page #’s.
Longoria, Alfred.  “The Love for Chocolate and Strawberries.”  Food of the Gods  13 January   
       1998: 330-335.

Author’s name (last, first).  “Title of Article.”  <Web Address>  Date Downloaded.
James, Sally. “The First Amendment Debacle.” <> 
       10 December 2000.