World History
Guide for Japan Quiz

Feudal Japan
What are the duties of the emperor?

What is unique about the lineage of the Japanese Emperor?

What is the Kuge?  What are their duties

What is the Buke?  What are their duties?

Rank the social importance of the following: Merchants, Farmers, & Craftsmen.

Why did merchants have a low social standing?

What are the Ronin?  Why are they unique?

What are the Ninja?  What duties do they have?

Japanese Religions
What is Shinto?

How does one practice Shinto?

What values does Shinto teach?

What does “Kami” mean?

What does “Norito” mean?

What is Zen?

Zen teaches:

How does it differ from western organized religions like Judism and Christianity?

What is a “Koan”?

Way of the Warrior (Bushido)
What religions and philosophies create the way of the warrior?

What does each of these ways contribute to the Bushido instruction/training?

What does a Bushido warrior value?  What do they believe is lowly?

Other Knowledge
Where is Japan?

How did the sea protect & benefit Japan?

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