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TRUE / NOT TRUE.  If the statement is entirely TRUE, then write “T” on the answer sheet.  If the statement is partially or completely true, write “F” on the answer sheet.
1) The Byzantine Empire was created originally as the eastern portion of the Roman Empire.
2) The Goths are part of an Asian tribe called “the Mongols.”
3) The Huns chased and pushed the Goths into the Roman Empire.
4) Empress Theodora, Justinian’s mother, was born into a noble family.
5) Western Europe owes a great debt for its birth and development to Islam.
6) Emperor Justinian revised and codified Roman law.
7) The culture that formed in what is now called Europe is an interesting blend of Greek, Roman, and German influences.
8) When monastic culture first began, most monks were hermits.
9) The term “papal primacy” refers to the Pope’s rejection of his humanity as God’s messenger on Earth.
10) The Franks were a French tribe who often fought against the Vandals in the land of Gaul.
11) Frankish lords cultivated an active, powerful clergy.
12) The Lombards became the protectors of Rome and its Pope.
13) The Christian Church of the east of located in Constantinople, while the Christian Church of the West is located in Rome.
14) The Franks long standing enemies were the Visigoths.
15) The Vikings sailed to America.

MATCHING.  Match the person with their characteristic.
16) Charlemagne        a) Byzantine Emperor who removed images & icons from the church
17) Justinian        b) a monk who added service & learning to the duties in a monastery
18) Leo            c) a Frankish King who converted to Christianity
19) Lothar        d) inherited the Frankish Kingdom from Charlemagne
20) Benedict        e) Byzantine Emperor who wanted “One God, One Empire, One Religion”
21) Clovis        f) ruled Frankish kingdom w/ his brothers, Charles the Bald & Louis the German
22) Louis the Pious    g) no characteristic listed

Multiple Choice.  Choose the BEST answer.
23) As a result of the Germanic invasions:
a) Germanic culture completely replaced Roman culture.
b) Christianity again became an outlaw faith.
c) Land was more fairly distributed.
d) Roman and Germanic cultures interacted with and infused each other.
24) Which of these was not one of the duties of a vassal?
a) perform services for the lord upon the lord’s request
b) military service in service of the lord
c) help serfs in the spring planting & fall harvests
d) promise to refrain from any action that might harm the lord
25) Which of the following is not a major factor in the religious break between East and West?
a) Key clauses of the Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed.
b) Question of doctrinal authority and the role of the pope.
c) The belief in Islamic value systems
d) use of icons
26) A feudal society’s social order is based on:
a) a shared sense of responsibility & dependability
b) the most powerful are expected to rule
c) strong religious values
d) a strong sense of virtue & education

27) A “fief” is:
a) a farming tool
b) a reward from the lord for good efforts & behavior
c) an oath of loyalty
d) a gift or share of the winnings in battle
28) Which of the following best explains the advantage of a “moldboard” plow?
a) it allowed for more than one man to work the fields
b) it allowed deep cuts it the soil & provided natural drainage
c) it was more easily worked by one man & automatically planted seeds 2 inches apart
d) it required less time to plow the field & increased productivity
29) King Charlemagne’s court contained Europe’s best scholars.  Which of the following is not a type of learning taking place in his court?
a) logic
b) grammar
c) basic math
d) philosophy
30) Under feudalism, the lord's obligations to his vassals included:
a) Investment of the vassal with a portion of church land.
b) Supplying him with his armor and fighting equipment.
c) An obligation to protect the vassal from physical harm.
d) Supplying him with a fief, which might be money or land.
31) The Arian Creed differs from the Nicene Creed in that the Arian Creed:
a) says that Jesus was God’s son
b) states Jesus was God & God was Jesus, and people should worship Jesus as God
c) says that Jesus was not born Christ (or divine), he became Christ (or divine)
d) states that God never had a son, that Jesus was actually a divine angel
32) Which of the following is not a difference between the Roman Catholic Church & the Orthodox Church?
a) the Orthodox church was under the rule of the Emperor, while the Roman Church was not
b) the Orthodox church compromised with Arian Christians, while the Roman Church persecuted them
c) the Orthodox church converted Jews & Arabs, while the Roman Church punished them
d) the Orthodox church removed icons & religious symbol (art), while the Roman church did not
33) Which of the following is not a duty of a count (on behalf of the king)?
a) collect duties & tributes (taxes)
b) provide for public celebrations
c) administer justice
d) provide a standing army for the king

TRUE / NOT TRUE.  If the statement is entirely TRUE, then write “T” on the answer sheet.  If the statement is partially or completely true, write “F” on the answer sheet.
34) The early monks practiced self-denial, poverty, & chastity as a way to lead a more perfect life.
35) If one lived as a freeman on a manor, the freeman would be in charge over the serfs.  The serfs would have to take orders from the freeman on behalf of the count.
36) One large difference between a manor and a feudal estate would be that the feudal estate would have a castle or defensive structure to protect it from invasion, while the manor would not.
37) The kings of this era had difficulty controlling their kingdom because often barbarians from the east and north would invade, causing their kingdoms to shrink in size.
38) The Popes (beginning with the reign of Charlemagne) would crown the Frankish king and call the emperor.
39) Charlemagne eventually became Emperor over the New Rome, which included Constantinople and parts of Asia.
40) A relic is a Christian prayer, which is only spoken in a monastery.

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