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Africa TEST
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TRUE ? NOT TRUE ? – If the statement is entirely true, write “T” on the answer sheet.  If the statement is partially or completely false, write “F” on the answer sheet.
1) One of the many European countries that had control of Africa is England.
2) One of the reasons we don’t know much about Africa’s early history is because they did not have any history.
3) Africa is the largest continent in the world.
4) Africans were largely hunters and gatherers until the Europeans arrived.
5) The French language is spoken in certain parts of Africa.
6) There is a desert in Africa.
7) The Arabs brought Islam to Africa.
8) The Arabs recorded African music and incorporated it into their religious ceremonies.
9) In imperialistic actions, one country controls another by sending armies and conquering other countries.  At other times, one country may control another through economics.
10) Egypt is in Africa.

Multiple choices: choose the best answer
11) The term “industrialization” means:
a) a country has valuable natural resources
b) a group of people or a nation of people is no longer “hunters & gathers”
c) a country begins to use machines & factories to produce goods
d) a country begins to have a capitalist society
12) “White Man’s Burden” means:
a) the British, with imperialistic actions, took over parts of Africa
b) the European need to “educate” and “civilize” other non-European countries
c) the White Man has to carry the weight of the civilized world
d) all of the above
13) “Ancestral Worship” is an important aspect of the African culture, because...
a) Africans believe the dead can haunt the living
b) Ancestral spirits help & guide the community or tribe
c) All life is one communal soul
d) Nature is God
14) Ritual & Initiation are important to African culture and society because...
a) they teach the younger generation about life in the tribe
b) they give common experiences to the members of the community
c) they bring a bonding experience to the community
d) all of the above
15) Which of the following countries did not “control” parts of Africa in the 19th & 20th century?
a) United States
b) England
c) France
d) Italy
16) Which of the following was not a resource taken away by European countries?
a) people
b) gold
c) iron ore
d) diamonds

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