World History
Review for Chapters 7 & 8

Ch’in Dynasty
What is the basic, essential difference between the Legalists & the Confucian Scholars?

List the methods or schemes the Ch’in use to gain & hold a unified China.

What is conscription?

On what basis (or philosophy) are laws created?

Why are farmers more respected than merchants?

Why did the Ch’in bring their aristocrats into the capital city?

What advancements did the Ch’in bring to China?

What is the Great Wall?   What is the Great Tomb?

What caused the downfall of the Ch’in dynasty?

Later and Former Han Dynasties
What is the Dynastic Cycle?

Name the 3 stages of the Dynastic Cycle.

What are some of the advancements of the Later Han?

How do the Confucian scholars teach a person to be ethical & moral?

How do Confucian scholars determine whether something is “good”?

What is the “Salt & Iron” debate?  What are the two views in this debate?

What advancements did the Former Han bring?

What are “Yin & Yang”?  How are they related?

How do the Han view history?  What is its use?

What is neo-taoism?  What do they want to achieve?

What are the basic beliefs of Buddhism?  Why did it flourish?

Sui & T’ang Dynasties
What is a “tax base”?

What accomplishments did the Sui bring?

What religion did the T’ang favor?

Describe the government of the T’ang.

How did someone become an important official in the government?

What elements inspired the T’ang advanced culture?

Name some of the religions that were a part of the Chinese culture.

What function did the Buddhist Temples serve?

What did the “men of letters” do in the T’ang culture?

During the Sung Dynasty, what new technologies were invented?

What substances were used to make coins?  Why did they have holes in them?

What is the “Silk Road”?

Where are the Mongols located?

What was the main reason Genghis khan and the Mongols attacked China?

What techniques did the Mongols use to fight and conquer?

Who is Genghis Khan?

Who is Kublai Khan?

How did the Mongols govern China?  What place did Chinese officials have in the Mongolian government?

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