Stage Two
- Taking advantage of even more division within France (Duchy of Burgundy) Henry V could easily take France
- 1420 treaty of Troyes – proclaimed Henry V successor to French Throne – Henry V & French King Charles VI both died in 1422 – infant Henry VI was proclaimed in Paris to be king of France & England
JOAN OF ARC (and the end of the war)
- French people ignored the treaty of 1420, nationalism prevailed, Charles VII retreated
- Peasant girl, Joan of Arc presented herself to Charles VII and said the King of Heaven -- called her to deliver the city of Orleans from the English
- Charles VII, desperation overcame reason, and allowed Joan to move on Orleans with fresh troops
- Timing was everything – English were tired when French arrived and were already considering withdrawal
- Joan gave the French inspiration, not military genius – self confidence – unity
- After the liberation of Orleans (+ a few months) Charles VII was crowned king
- Burgundians captured Joan in 1430 – Charles left her in their hands...Both the Burgundians & the English wanted her discredited (hoping to dismantle French national pride) – turned over the inquisition – after 10 weeks of interrogation she was executed as a heretic
- 1453 English gone from France except Calais
- 1456 Charles re-opened her case, found her innocent
- 1920 she was declared a saint
- War awakened French Pride & Nationalism – took France out of Feudal society into centralized state – England expanded trade – Burgundy became a political power – England gained alliance with the Netherlands – the peasants suffered through tax & service