World History
Reading Guide, Chapter 16
Late Middle Ages/Renaissance

Hundred Years War & Rise of National Sentiment
How did the king (or central government) keep order in their country?

The Causes of the War
Why did Edward III believe he should be king of France?

Who chose Philip VI of Valois to rule France?

What did England & France quarrel over?

French Weakness
Name some the weakness the French had.

What advantages did England have?

The Treaty of Troyes to the Reign of Edward III
Why was Flanders important & the first major battle?

When the English won a great battle near Poitiers, what happened to the French?

What is Jacques (or Jack)?

Why did both sides call a truce from 1347 to 1356?

Who are Wat Tyler & John Ball?

Why was Henry V able to take France? What brought about the Treaty of Troyes?

Joan of Arc
How did the French people respond to the Treaty of Troyes?

How did Joan of Arc help the French “turn the tide” against the English?

What happens to Joan – when does she become a saint?

The Black Death
What conditions helped cause the Black Death?

How was the Black Death spread?

Popular Remedies
How did people attempt to prevent it? What did they think caused it?

Social & Economic Consequences
How did this disease affect goods & labor?

Why did cities eventually prosper, while the rural areas suffered?

How did it affect the church?

New Conflicts and Opportunities
How do kings use the opportunity of the plague?

What are the important values of humanism?

What sort of subjects did the humanists study?

What inspired the humanists?

What place did the authoritative texts hold for the humanists?

Petrarch, Dante, Boccaccio

Renaissance Art
Renaissance =
What changes occur in renaissance art?

Da Vinci:

Niccolo Machiavelli
Why is Machiavelli concerned with Italian political situation?

Who inspired Machiavelli?

What did Machiavelli suggest in his book, The Prince?