World History
Final Exam Essays
Schill, Due: Monday, May 21 @12noon

Choose one of the following.  Write your answer using as many actual examples as you can to fortify your answer – thus making it more of an analysis sublimated with opinion or an opinion which is constructed upon solid “facts” or historical moments. This question will be valued as one half of the entire test.  Any outside sources you use to “help” with your answer should be noted, so as not to lead one to believe you borrowed someone else’s work without asking.

1) Explain the rise of the Roman Catholic Church in Western Europe.  Begin with  the Goths & the decline of the Roman Empire, continue with the struggles the church faced in feudal Europe and the Cluny reform, and its eventual independence from feudal Europe.
2) Explain the development of centralized government in Western Europe.  Begin with the Goths and Franks and continue through to the 100 years war.  Concentrate your answer on French & English forms of central government.
3) Compare the Catholic Religion to the religions and philosophies of Asia (Japan & China) and Africa.  Use the Arian & Nicene Creeds and the structure of a centralized governing body of a church to contrast to Confucian, Buddhist, Zen Buddhism, Shinto, and the generalized understanding of African religion.

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