Zinn, Chapter 5

"A Kind Of Revolution"

Reading Guide

Since the Revolution had no appeal to slaves or Indians, the leaders of the revolution needed help from...


John Adams estimated that ___ were for the revolution, ___ were against, and ____ were neutral.


At first, the colonial militia was full of respectable citizens; but later, desperation caused colonies to:


Why did Peter Oliver enlist in the colonial army?


In Connecticut, males between 16 and 60 were called to military service. How could one get out of the military duty?


What is inflation? What effects did it bring the colonists during the war?


Robert Morris wanted to gain the support of officers. How did he do this? What did he offer the regular soldiers?


How did George Washington handle mutinies and rebellions in the Colonial Army?


In Marylandís new constitution, who could run for office?


What was done with the lands of the Loyalists?


Who was excluded by the phrase "We the People of the United States"?


What social class were the leaders of the revolution from?


Describe the instance of biological warfare used against the Indians.


In reading the chapter, we see the repetition of instances of Baconís Rebellion. What are they?


STOP AT PAGE 88; the rest of this chapter discusses the Constitution Ė which is out next unit.


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