Zinn, Chapter 3

Reading Guide

What was the root cause of Baconís Rebellion?


What were the two purposes in suppressing rebellion?


A quote on page 40 describes "6 parts of 7 at least are poor, indebted, discontented, and armed" Ė what does this suggest?


What does "leveling" mean?


Who (or what types of persons) supported Bacon?


How did one earn a profit in the business of servants?


Who were the "indentured servants" coming from England?


Who had the right to vote in colonial America?


What is the "rich-poor" gap? Why is it an issue if it is widening?



What was a major reason for building "poor houses or work houses"?


What is "impressment"?


What were some factors, which led to other rebellions in colonial America?


What worried the colonial elite?


What did the colonial elite learn from the experiences of Baconís Rebellion?


How did the colonial elite protect itself from future rebellions and insurrections?


What role did the "middle class" have in stabilizing the power of the colonial elite?




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