Zinn Reading Guide

Chapter 1, pages 11 Ė 22

What were the tactics used by Cortes to defeat the Aztecs?


What does Karl Marx mean by "The primitive accumulation of capital"?


What does John Winthrop mean when he says the "Indians" have not subdued the land and only have a natural right to it, not a civil right?


What were the Puritan justifications for residing on land belonging to the Indians?


What are some of the English tactics in warring with the Indians?


What is the significance of Dr. Cotton Mather saying " less than 600 Pequot souls were brought down to hell that day"?


If the Puritan elites wanted war with the Indians, where did the ordinary citizens stand on the issue?


What did Spain get out of all the death & brutality? Was anything altered in the life & power of Spain?


Besides war, what killed a large percentage of the Indian population?


Describe the role of women in the Indian society.


Describe the differences in raising children (between the Europeans & the Indians).


What is Zinnís main point in this chapter?



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