US History
“War is the Health of the State”
Zinn, Chapter 14

IWW = Industrial Workers of the World (Wobblies)

Zinn says the point or gain of WW 1 was...

In August 1914 the British required a volunteer to be 5’ 8” – by the end of October volunteers could be?

How do the media in GB and Germany portray their war effort?  (All Quiet on the Western Front)

Why would it be unrealistic for the Germans to consider Americans “neutral”?

By this point in history, American business relied on ______________ as well as domestic markets.

JP Morgan, through loans and business deals, attempted to link the US to ___________________.

On page 354, Du Bois offers his insights upon the war.  Summarize them.

Zinn points out that US citizens did not enlist in the numbers needed, so the congress instituted a draft.  Who opposed the draft?

What “new” political party is challenging the Democratic & Republican 2 party system?

What is the Espionage Act?  Is it still in use today?

How did the most liberal Supreme Court Judge interpret this Espionage Act w/ regard to the draft? What famous metaphor is contained in his opinion?

How was Eugene Debs arrested under the Espionage Act  (sentenced & convicted)?

Why was mail service denied certain publications?

What is conscription?

Why was The Spirit of ’76 cause for persecution under the Espionage Act?

What is Zinn’s point regarding the disagreement with the draft and protests against the draft?

Why is war good for the health of the state?

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