Robber Barons & Rebels
Zinn, Reading Guide #1  (247-259)
Due Friday, February 14th

1.    What does Zinn mean by ‘separate levels of oppression’?

2.    What does Zinn say with regard to the Alger stories of “rags to riches”?

3.    What evidence does Zinn offer for stating the ‘first transcontinental railroad was built with blood, sweat, politics, and thievery’?

4.    Summarize the biographic notes on J.P. Morgan.

5.    Summarize the biographic notes on John D. Rockefeller.

6.    Summarize the biographic notes on Andrew Carnegie.

7.    What does Marx submit as the purpose of the state?

8.    What are the policies of the Presidents during these times?  Do they change from election to election?

9.    What is the Sherman Act & How did the Supreme Court interpret it?

10.    Zinn discusses education and its role in the state.  Summarize his views.

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