Notes & Definitions for Expansion

Imperialism = stronger nations attempt to create empires by dominating weaker nations (economically, politically, culturally or militarily)
Annex = to join a new territory to an existing country (think how Chicago has annexed suburbs/towns along the way to its present boundries)
Nationalism = devotion to one’s country

Factors leading to Imperialism in this era
1)    Economics – increased need for raw material & new markets to sell products
2)    Nationalism – competition among stronger nations (getting lands to compete or prevent other nations from getting them)
3)    Military – superior navy & weaponry – navies needed fuel bases
4)    Humanitarian – human & religious goals – believing they had a duty to spread Western civilization & Christianity

USA & ECONOMIC FACTORS inside the Imperialism
·    Business leaders agreed economic issues of the times could be solved by expanding markets (1893 depression)
·    USA already had powerful international businesses – AT&T / Standard Oil / Singer Sewing Machines / Kodak Cameras / Sherwin-Williams Paint
·    Some businesses had invested directly into the economics of other countries (see Hawaii) giving them political influence
·    Example: lending money directly to a country & in return the country would grant long term inexpensive  or free leases for railroads or factories  -- United Fruit in Costa Rica – Minor Keith owner – was in the Banana Business…exporting Bananas to the USA, but his main product was power…he controlled / dominated the economies & politics of Costa Rica, Guatemala, & Honduras…thus BANANA REPUBLICS

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