·    Monroe Doctrine (1823) == James Monroe
·    Called for the liberation of Latin American nations against their Spanish Colonial Masters (Spain represented the monarchal nations of Europe against its colonies)
·    Monroe Doctrine declared == The USA would not tolerate any European influence in the Western Hemisphere
·    USA should [in competition with France and England] bring its civilizing mission to other peoples
·    The USA should liberate primitive peoples and draw them into the enlightened and progressive wing of the American ideal
·    1st test – Cuba & The Decaying Spanish Empire (1895)

Theodore Roosevelt wrote in 1897: “In strict confidence....I should welcome almost any war, for I think this country needs one.”

The West is closed
·    Profit system – natural tendency for expansion, already was looking overseas
·    Overseas consumption might relieve the problem of underconsumption at home
·    A War would help unify people w/government (strikes and socialism and anarchy had begun)

·    Lust for aggression? Pride? Joy of fighting?
·    Political Scientist John Burgess of Columbia U. Said the Teutonic and Anglo-Saxon races were “particularly endowed with the capacity for establishing national states...they are entrusted...with the mission of conducting the political civilization of the modern world.”
·    American factories are making more products than the American people can use
·    When the USA did not annex Hawaii in 1893 after the Dole family & some missionaries set up their own government, Roosevelt said it’s a “crime against white civilization” and “All the great masterful races have been fighting races...”

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