White Supremacy & Post Slavery-Slavery
·    Cotton 1830’s = 4 million acres / 1890’s 30 million acres
·    Southern economy began to diversify during & after Reconstruction
·    Iron & Steel introduced
·    For example, Birmingham population, from 3000 to 130,000 (1880 to 1910) due to Industry – Memphis rose from 23,000 to 100,000 by 1900
·    This increased social mobility
·    Democrats & Populists (1890’s) actively pursued Black voters – this ended by 1900
·    1890’s bring poll taxes and literacy tests
·    Between 1896 & 1904 registered Black voters in Louisiana fell from 130,000 to 1350
·    Jim Crow laws came into effect in 1890’s culminating in Plesy vs. Ferguson in 1896 – Separate but equal provisions
·    This marked the beginning of institutionalized caste system in the south
·    Chain gangs (convict labor) kept in order by white guards performed labor for private contractors = corporate slavery in all but the name
·    Lynch laws – mobs killed on average 100 Blacks a year from 1890 to 1925 (for insults or perceived sexual contact) add in random violence (torture, burning & castration)
·    A terrorist campaign designed to create fear among the population and remove specific individuals
·    1915 D.W. Griffith’s movie “Birth of a Nation” used the potent medium of film to propagate a racist myth of racism & reconstruction (re-birth of KKK)
·    As a response, Blacks move North (Detroit, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia)

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