Civil War – Consequences
·    530,000 people died – larger than those in WWI & WWII combined
·    abolition of slavery mounted to 1 billion dollar of ‘confiscated’ property
·    w/o southern states to block, the ‘union’ passed important measures aimed at assisting US western expansion – Homestead Act & Pacific RR Act
·    Republicans focused on economic & industrial policies (also, came to represent patriotism & national unity)
·    The USA prior to Civil War was a plural, after a singular  (from the USA do to USA does)

·    Lincoln & Johnson wanted to accept the southern states back on the most generous terms possible
·    One could not try each individual offender in the south of treason
·    So, once a certain portion of the population took an oath of loyalty, the state could return and receive a pardon
·    Republican Senator Charles Sumner felt these ‘ways’ were too timid
·    He wanted more attention on the slaves and their rights
·    Former slaves should have all the civil rights that whites held – including the right to vote
·    Proposed Federal supervision – i.e. troops w/ bayonets to assist in the change
·    Black Codes helped Sumner’s point be understood
·    The Black community became, in effect, collectively the property of all southern whites
·    Black school houses began being burned by 1866
·    in New Orleans, US Army had to halt uprisings against blacks
·    In Louisanna, 3000 blacks were killed between 1866 – 76
·    KKK emerges w/ former Confederate veteran soldiers


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