Civil War Battles & Reconstruction

Exam                                                                                    Name:


True/Not True.  Mark a “T” if the statement is entirely TRUE.  Mark an “F” if the statement is partially or completely FALSE.

1)      The 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments were passed before the Civil War.

2)      The Union Army is lead by Robert E. Lee.

3)      The Confederate Armies had more industry and manufacturing than the northern armies.

4)      One of the strengths of the North is their military strategy; this manifests in the intelligence of their generals.

5)      Lincoln proposes the Emancipation Proclamation during the Civil War.

6)      The Military Reconstruction Act places Union Armies in the south to assist the freed peoples in receiving their civil rights.

7)      Black Codes restrict the civil rights of the freed peoples following the Civil War.

8)      Sherman’s March to the sea demonstrates the notion that one can lose battles and still win the war.

9)      In many of the Civil War battles, the southern troops out number the northern troops.

10)   Maryland is a state in the Confederacy.


MULTIPLE CHOICE.  Choose the BEST Answer.

11)   Lincoln & Johnson were lenient in their mandates for a Confederate state to return to the Union.  Which of the following was an initial qualification for their re-admittance?

a)      Each state had to pay the USA a sum of 2 million dollars

b)     Citizens were required to take an oath of allegiance to the USA

c)      States had to accept a Republican administration

d)     Each citizen had to write a letter of apology

e)      None of these

12)   Which of the following were not actions taken by the Freed People following the war?

a)      Families re-united

b)     Schools were built

c)      Land was purchased

d)     Freed Peoples moved North

e)      All of the above are examples of actions taken by Freed Peoples

13)   The 13th Amendment…

a)      Abolished Slavery

b)     Protected Civil Rights of US Born Citizens

c)      Ended the War

d)     All of the Above

14)   One provision of the Military Reconstruction Act stated…

a)      Freed Peoples could vote if they voted for a Democratic Candidate

b)     Carpetbaggers could assist Freed Peoples

c)      Former Officials in the Confederate government could not hold office

d)     Both A & B

15)   A “Scalawag” is a…

a)      A Confederate officer                       c) A Southern ‘white’ who became Republican

b)     A northern Democrat                       d) None of these

16)   Republican policies following the war helped shape the ‘new’ south by:

a)      Building pubic schools

b)     Diversifying the economy

c)      Introducing Steel & Iron manufactories

d)     All of the above


17)   The Supreme Court Case, Plesy vs. Ferguson, stated…

a)      Citizens born in the U.S. must have the right to vote

b)     Chain-gangs are legal

c)      ‘Separate but equal’ facilities are Constitutional

d)     The 15th Amendment is unconstitutional


18)   In the Presidential Election of 1876 – Hayes was given the Presidency over Tilden.  Which of the following best summarizes the compromise reached by the Republicans & Democrats?

a)      Share Cropping & Tenant Farming is acceptable work for poor whites & Freed Peoples

b)     Poll Taxes & Literacy tests are not acceptable for whites

c)      The north must remove its military from the south

d)     Southern States no longer have to allow Freed Peoples to vote


19)   The 15th Amendment stated…

a)      That states could not use either race or color as a qualification for voting

b)     Women can vote (women’s suffrage)

c)      ‘Separate but equal’ facilities for all races

d)     All citizens are entitled to Civil Rights – applied equally under the law


20)   Share Cropping, Tenant Farming, and Debt Peonage helped reintroduce slavery (in all but name) because…

I)                  It denied voting rights to Freed People

II)                It encouraged Freed People to escape to the north

III)             Often their goods & equipment were ‘owned’ by whites

IV)             Freed Peoples were never able to escape their debt

V)                Freed Peoples were contracted to sell goods to specific white merchants


a)      I, III, & V

b)     II, III, & V

c)      III, IV, & V

d)     All but II

e)      Only V


CHECK LIST.  Which of the following is TRUE regarding the Civil War.  If the statement is TRUE – write “T” -- if it is not write “F”.

21)   The Confederacy left the Union before 1865

22)   Southern States did not need to defeat the North to ‘win’ the war

23)   The South was more prepared for war, since it was able to produce more ammunition & guns than the North

24)   The North often used blockades in its attempt to defeat the South

25)   The Mississippi River was an important ‘possession’ for each side

26)   Generals Grant & Sherman led the Union Army to victory of the South

27)   Most of the war was fought in the South

28)   Abraham Lincoln was President of the Confederacy during the Civil War

29)   General McClellan led the Union Army to several stand-offs & defeats

30)   The Confederacy lost the Civil War