The American Revolution has expanded into a World War (1780) w/ France, causing the revolutionary war effort to be seen as a "costly side-show" for the British.

France signs treaty after Colonists defeat Burgoyne at Saratoga

The British Move South

Cornwallis (British) is sent south to begin campaign – capture the south then re-capture the middle & New England

Charleston first – entire southern colonial army is captured within 6 weeks

Slaves offered freedom by British, join our army

Freeing slaves helps unite the south (previously not particularly revolutionary

Ironic that slavery is an uniting factor for "liberty"

Loyalists are put in charge of captured territory

Loyalists are the immigrants poor (Irish) who are more interested in class revenge, than British Crown

Terror roams...colonists vs. colonists – rich vs. poor

"Spiketed" = stake pounded into a board, person’s foot is placed on the spike – they are twisted until the spike pokes out the other side of their foot

The French join the Americans

1780 = no money, disillusioned

Washington’s strategy is patience & endurance

Nathaniel Green

Green is remarkable, knows one does not need to win battles to win the war

Believes his efforts will seek popular support of southerners – make British presence unacceptable

The French finally fight

British begin to lose siege – low on food & supplies – shoot horses & send Africans away into the nomad lands between the 2 armies, certain death

New York reinforcements arrive a week late

British surrender at Yorktown, October 17, 1781

Treaty signed in Paris in 1783