Women’s Suffrage

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True? Not True? If the statement is completely TRUE, mark “T” on the answer sheet.  If the statement is completely of partially FALSE, mark “F” on the answer sheet.

1)      One of the most popular techniques for women to gain the right to vote was to attend meeting and join social organizations.

2)      Anti-suffragists believed women might become too masculine if they received the right to vote.

3)      The liquor lobby was opposed to women’s suffrage because they believed women, as a whole, would be in favor of prohibition.

4)      One of the most successful strategies employed by the NAWSA was to go to elections disguised as men and attempt to vote.

5)      Women usually gained the right to vote in western states because they were seen as more equal partners in the hardship faced as both husband and wife established a family and life.

6)      The term “suffrage” means: ‘suffering due to discrimination’.

7)      WW 1 assisted the women’s suffrage movement because during the war women worked “men’s” jobs and gained some social respect by eroding some of the stereotypes placed on women.

8)      Women never voted in presidential elections before the passing of the 20th amendment.

9)      The anti-suffragists believed all women were potential hysterics.

10)   One argument of the suffragists was that women had enough power at home.  They should use their role as mother to influence their children, or become a schoolteacher.


Multiple Choice.  Choose the BEST answer.

11)   During the early 20th century, which of the following suffrage organizations took a more radical approach to gaining the right to vote?

a)      National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA)

b)      Congressional Union (CU)

c)      Equal Rights Association (ERA)

12)   Which of the following did not contribute to the advancement of women’s suffrage on a national level?

a)      World War One

b)      The repeal of Prohibition

c)      A favorable attitude in the White House with President Wilson

d)      Increasing number of states who allowed women to vote

13)   The Constitutional Amendment giving women the right to vote was finally ratified in 1920 when:

a)      A state representative from Tennessee changed his vote, after his mother wrote him a letter

b)      The vice-president, Hoover, cast a tie-breaking vote in the Senate

c)      Alice Paul died in prison, from a hunger strike – embarrassing the Congress into passing the amendment

d)      A female lawyer from Illinois, Myra Bradwell, sued the state for a recount of its State Representative votes – the recount was in favor of the amendment

14)   The Cult of True Womanhood would encourage women to aspire to all of the following except?

a)      Piety

b)      Purity

c)      Marriage

d)      Submission

e)      Public Eduacation

15)   The amendment that gave women the right to vote was proposed by…

a)      Susan B. Anthony

b)      Alice Paul

c)      Carrie Chapman Catt

d)      Myra Bradwell