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Assignments FOR SEMESTER #2:


Unit 6

Cold War: Germany/Korea/Indochina

Introductory Notes
Germany (Berlin), Greece, & Korea -- Containment Policy
        Indochina & Latin America -- Domino Theory
        Zinn's take on earlyUS involvement in Vietnam

Unit 5

World War II

notes on the setting for the conflict
notes on US pre-war policies & Hitler's rise in Germany
notes on Pacific Theater, European Theater, Ideology & Eugenics
notes on War: Pacific & European Theaters, 1942 to 1944
notes on Stalin & his communism in Russia
notes on the use of atomic weapons & Japanese Internment Camps
Zinn Guide One: Pre War & War Comments
        REVIEW for WW II, basic terminology

Unit 4

Women's Suffrage & The Depression

notes on Women's Suffrage
        arguments of the Anti Suffragists
        notes on Causes of the Great Depression
notes on effects and cures
notes on 1st & 2nd New Deal & Critics


outline of project
outline of evaluation

Unit 3

World War One

Zinn, Chapter 14 Guide
notes 1 (Spanish American War & Imperialism)
notes 2 (America's Road to Involvement)
notes 3 (American Involvement & Versailles Treaty)

Unit 2

American Industry, Robber Barons or Captains of Industry?

Zinn, Chapter 11 -- Guide 1
Zinn, Chapter 11 -- Guide 2
Technology Notes
The Workers
Education and Politics
Review Terms

Unit 1


Zinn, Chapter 9 -- Guide1
Zinn, Chapter 9 -- Guide2
Civil War Battles
        Reconstruction Notes
Review & Guide Textbook & Notes

rod 2

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US History Review Guide

        Zinn, Chapter 7 guide 1
        Zinn, Chapter 7, guide 2
        Zinn, Chapter 7, guide 3
Zinn, Chapter 8, guide

Research Paper:

style sheet
works cited & quote styles
      quote formats

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