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Due, Tuesday, September 17th Name:

Choose one of the following; answer completely with examples and support to strengthen your essay. These examples/supports should come from the notes, texts, or outside sources. The more complete the support, the more certain one can be in receiving an excellent grade. For example, refer to passages in Zinn or the Notes -- if one uses a source outside the class, hand in a copy of the information.

  1. Define "human progress" and explain why it may be an acceptable or unacceptable reason for the genocide of the Native Indigenous Peoples of the Americas.
  2. Explain the myths of the two civilizations, (The Indigenous Native Peoples & the Europeans) & Offer explanations for the misunderstandings, which occur between them.
  3. Using all the information presented in this unit, name the misfortunes experienced in the Columbus era & offer conclusions, which can be drawn in order to avoid these events, as they may be repeated or re-experienced in the present/future?
  4. Explain the different methods & attitudes of colonization of the English, French, and Spanish & give explanations for these differing attitudes.

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