- worries about the new power/strength of the central government
- Federally controlled economic system??? – Tyranny???
- Despite this Roosevelt initiated the 2nd New Deal
The second new deal
- WPA – Works Progress Administration
- 8 million put to work – 20,000 playgrounds, schools, hospitals, airfields & artists
- money for farmers who did not own their own land, but landlords pocketed it
- loaned 1 billion to small farmers and relocated tenant farmers
- granted rights to unions to organize and bargain collectively
- fair labor standards act banned child labor & established a minimum wage
- SOCIAL SECURITY ACT, established pensions for workers, aid for dependent mothers & children, unemployment insurance, the blind & physically disabled

- Republicans & the wealthy felt FD Roosevelt was their enemy...changing the status quo
- Is this socialism?
- Felt it penalized successful hardworking people
- Forming a society based on numbers
- Du Pont family & others led a right-wing opposition – it was un-American & like “Bolshevism”

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