US HISTORY - American Revolution

Proclamation of 1763

- Before Sugar & Stamp Acts

- Following the French & Indian War, the Native Peoples approached the English Government worried about Colonists entering their land

- French were hunters & traders, English colonists were farmers, taking over the land

- at first, the British government paid them no mind

- Pontiac's Rebellion: Native Americans destroyed every British Fort in the area west of the Appalachians, with 2000 colonists killed

- British government negotiated a treaty to prevent colonists from moving west of the Appalachians

- Proclamation of 1763

- despite this, some colonists continued to settle the area

Sons & Daugthers of Liberty

- these persons helped organize the boycotts

- Sam Adams, one of the founders in Boston

- told Thomas Hutchinson that his house would be destroyed if he did not resign

- Thomas Hutchinson, British appointed governor of Boston & Sam Adams' brother-in-law - most stamp distributors resigned or fled

Declaratory Act

- British Parliament had the authority to make laws that applied to the colonists "in all cases whatsoever"

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