World History
Republican & Imperial Rome
Reading Guide 7

Rise Of Christianity
What is remarkable about the spread of Christianity among the Roman Empire?

Jesus of Nazareth
Jesus considered a Jewish prophet.  What did he teach?

Why was the Roman Governor concerned about Jesus?

Paul of Tarsus
What is a Pharisee?

What was the conflict that James (Jesus’ brother) faced with Christianity and the Jewish Religion?

What is an evangelist?


What are the rituals associated with Christianity?

What were the roles of presbyters, deacons, and bishops?

Persecution of Christians
Why were Christians called “haters of community”?

Emergence of Catholicism
Catholic means:
Orthodox means:
Pagan means:
Heretic means:
How had the requirements changed to be a Christian by the end of the 2nd century?

Rome as a Center of the Early Church

Why did Rome become the center of the Christian Church?

The Crisis of the Third Century
Barbarian Invaders
Who attacked the Roman Empire's borders?

Economic Difficulties
What is inflation?

Name other economic difficulties besides inflation.

The Social Order
What are some of the changes in the traditional ruling class?

What did people's clothing reveal about them?

What restrictions were placed people?

Civil Disorder
How did Rome protect itself?

The Late Empire
The Fourth Century and Imperial Reorganization

Diocletian:  What changes did he bring to the empire?

Constantine: What changes did Constantine bring to the empire?

Administation & Finance:  What were the vast expenses placed upon the “imperial court”?

What is a caste system?

Division of the Empire: What caused the division of the empire? (again)

Latin was spoken in the...
Greek was spoke in the...

Why did people in the west move increasingly to the country side?

Why is this a pattern of the coming middle ages?

Why did Byzantine flourish?

What is considered the new Rome?

Triumph of Christianity
Religious Currents in the Empire
Why was Christianity successful?

Imperial Persecution
Why were Christians persecuted?

Who helped bring Christianity as the official Roman religion?

What does it mean for the church to become subordinate to the state?

Arianism and the Council of Nicea
What is the trinity?

Why did Constantine call a council of Bishops?

Arts and Letters in the Late Empire
Preservation of Classical Culture
What did they preserve?

Christian Writers

What did the Christian writers write?

What did Augustine write?  Why was he unique?  What is the city of man / city of God?

The Problem of Decline and Fall of the Empire in the West

Name some of the therories as to why the Roman Empire fell.

What does the book propose as to why Rome fell?

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