World History
Republic & Imperial Rome
Reading Guide 6

Age of Augustus
What does it mean to state “all patronage flowed from the princeps”?

What was the old way (patronage)?

Virgil:  what personifies a Roman hero? What is he known for writing?

Horace: what does he write about?

Ovid: What is he known for writing?  What is his style? What did he do to cause his exile?

History: Written by Livy, how are the histories of Rome written?

Architecture & Sculpture: What style influenced Roman architecture?

Peace & Prosperity: Imperial Rome (14 - 180 C.E.)
Define Imperator:

Instead of republican rule, Rome was truly a monarchy.  How were new Imperators chosen in this era following Augustus?

Administration of the Empire
With a stronger, more centralized form of government, what occurred to the cities that Rome originally sought to make strong and vital?

What was Trajan';s approach to defending the empire (differing from his predecessors)?

When Rome becomes "over-extended" through new territorial acquisitions – what happens?

Culture of the Early Empire

Literature: What characterizes literature of this period?  (Refer to each century)

Architecture: What were additions to Greek influenced building?

Society: What did the literature of the time foreshadow?  Why did the central government have to force members of the ruling class to serve in local government?  List the basic problems Roman society faced.

Life in Imperial Rome: The Apartment House
What is an "insulae"?

Describe the conditions of an apartment in Rome.