World History
Republican & Imperial Rome
Reading Guide 5

The Augustan Principate
Why was Julius Caesar's fate important to Octavian?

What/Who is the first citizen?

What does the title of "Augustus" mean?

Why is Octavian's rule not a republic?

What were the changes that Augustus brought to government?

What did these changes bring to the Roman Empire?

The Army & Defense

What changes were brought to the Army?

What effects did this bring?

Religion & Morality

What reforms did Augustus bring?

After his death, Julius Caesar & Augustus were...

Civilization of the Ciceronian & Augustan Ages
The Late Republic
Cicero: What has Cicero contributed?

Law: How did the Greeks influence Roman Law?

Roman Law is based on “divine reason” – what does that mean?

Poetry: The role of the poet is...

Lucretius wrote about...

Catullus wrote about...