World History
Republican & Imperial Rome
Reading Guide #4, Chapter 5, 145-149

Aftermath of Conquest
How did life change for the Romans following the Punic Wars?

The Gracchi
What were some of the problems caused by the rapid expansion?

How did Tiberius Gracchus try to solve the problems?

Why was Tiberius Gracchus killed?

What are populares?

What are optimates?

How did Gaius Gracchus gain support?

What was constitutionally wrong with the way Gaius Gracchus was killed?

Marius & Sulla
What caused the rivalry between Marius & Sulla?

How did Marius change the army?  Why was this important to poor, landless men?

War Against the Italian Allies
What brought Romans and Italians together into a single nation?

Sulla's Dictatorship
How did Sulla affect the way in which Romans gained consul?

Fall of the Republic
Pompey, Crassus, and Caesar
What allows Pompey to have more power than Crassus?

First Triumvirate
Why did Pompey & Crassus & Caesar work together?

Dictatorship of Julius Caesar
What is beginning to happen to the Triumvirate?

How does Caesar defeat Pompey?

Name some of the changes Caesar makes as dictator.

What happens after Caesar was killed?

Second Triumvirate
Who forms the 2nd Triumvirate?  What separates them?  Who wins the conflict?