World History
Republic & Imperial Rome
Reading Guide #3
Pages 141 – 144

The Republic’s Conquest of the Hellenistic World
The East
Why did the Romans ask Philip V not to attack any Greek cities, pay reparations, and, eventually withdraw from Greece entirely?

What did Rome do with Macedon following their defeat of Philip V?

Which other monarch did the Romans drive from Greece?

Who was Roman Censor during this period?

The West
Romans considered Spaniards....
What did Cato do to Carthage?

Civilization in the Early Roman Republic: Greek Influence
What did the Romans admire about the Greeks?  What did they detest?

What did the Romans borrow from the Greeks?

***What does it mean to be conservative (like Cato)?

What did the conservative Romans reject?

Whose responsibility was it to educate the boys?  What did they learn?

What was the goal of their education?

What changes in education did the Greeks bring?

Why did the Romans attempt to expel the Greek philosophers and teachers?

What did the young women study?

What is the satire suggesting regarding educated women?

Roman Imperialism
***What is Imperialism?

Why did the Romans continue to expand their empire?

What helped to separate and expand the gap between the rich and the poor?