World History
Reading Guide
Republican & Imperial Rome
Chapter 5, pages 138 to 141

Senate & Assembly
Who composes the Senate membership?

Who composes the Centuriate assembly?

Struggle of the Orders
What is the “struggle of the orders”?

What did the Plebeians win in the “struggle of the orders”?

Conquest of Italy
Initial Expansion
Who are the Gauls?

Roman Policy toward the Conquered
What did the Romans do to those they captured?  **It depends on who was captured

How does this policy build loyalty with Rome?

Rome & Carthage
Where do the Carthaginians reside?

1st Punic War
What caused this war?

What led to a Roman Victory?

2nd Punic War
What caused this war?

Who is Hannibal?

What saved Rome from being “sacked”? **There are several reasons

The New Imperial System
Explain the new system?