World History
Chapter 5 Outline & Guide #1
Pages  135 – 150

The Etruscans

Royal Rome – 6th century B.C.E.
Define imperium:

- kings are approved by the Senate
- Roman people voted in assembly
- voting by the people is a basic characteristic of Roman government
- king commanded the army, the chief priest and supreme judge
- both king & senators served for life

Name the 3 branches of Roman Government.
1.                    2.                    3.

What is the role of the father?

What could he do to his children?

What is the role of the mother?

What was the relationship between the Patron & the Client?

Patricians & Plebians
What is the relationship between the Patrician & the Plebian?

The Republic – 509 B.C.E.
Define Constitution:

What are the powers of the consuls?

What limited the powers of the consul?

What is a proconsul?

What is a praetor?  What do they do?

What is a censor?  What do they do?