World History
Reading Guide #1  (through page 348)

Otto and the Revival of the Empire
What country does Otto become king of?  What is significant about his being king?

Otto gained the imperial crown in 961.  How did he do this?

Why did Otto make the Pope’s swear allegiance to him?

The Reviving Catholic Church
Why did the church need to reform & revive itself?

Cluny Reform Movement
Why did lay persons admire the church?

Name some of the reforms put forth by the Cluny.

What are simony & the College of Cardinals?

Investiture Struggle
Under what circumstances did Pope Gregory threaten excommunication?

Why did the emperors want to appoint bishops & clergy?

Once excommunicated, how did Henry IV get “pardoned” by the church?  What did Henry IV do, once he was readmitted to the church?

What id the Concordat of Worms?  How did this settle the issue?

The First Crusades
What was the purpose of the crusades?

What were some of the motives for joining & fighting in the crusades?

How did the crusades lead to the Magna Carta?

Towns & Towns People
Where were the largest towns at this point in the history of Western Europe?

What did a charter guarantee?  Who gave charters?

Who came to the towns?

The Rise of Merchants
Why were merchants originally disliked?

How did they protect themselves?

Why did the towns ally themselves with kings instead of the local nobility?

New Models of Government
How were towns places of social mobility (at least in theory)?

Since wealthy merchants wanted to be socially distinguished, towns made rules/laws against this.  What did the towns do?

How did guilds both assist & limit social mobility?

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