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English IV

Course Outline



Using literature (novels, plays, & poetry), the class will explore, thematically, a number of universal (and artistic) questions, choices, and issues facing the individual. The student will be given the opportunity to develop their insight and understanding of sub-text in prose, and use this intuitive response to reflect upon their own life (and the lives of others if you prefer). Moreover, by exploring these issues through a variety of works in an assortment of time periods, and in a medley of cultures, the class will have diverse viewpoints from which to perceive.


  • Daily Reading Assignments & Discussions
  • Reading quizzes
  • Occasional in-class essays
  • Thematic analysis papers
  • One research paper (persuasive)

Potential Book pairings

Antigone/Chronicle of a Death Foretold/Joe Turnerís Come & Gone

The Razorís Edge/All Quiet on the Western Front

To the Lighthouse

The Metamorphosis/Waiting for Godot

The Lone Ranger & Tonto Fistfight in Heaven/Before Night Falls

Grading & Approximate weight of the assignments

90-100 A                         Reading Quizzes 20%

80-89 B                            In-Class essays 5%

70-79 C                            Unit tests 20%

60-69 D                            Research paper/project 20%

                                          Analysis Papers 15%

                                          Final exam 20%

Due dates and late entries

All papers/homework are due by midnight on the day announced. Papers can be emailed or placed in my mailbox at school. My email address is

...for a paper/assignment to receive full credit, it must be turned in on the due date. After that, use the following to determine your grade:

Up to one week late, the highest grade issued = B

Up to two weeks late, the highest grade issued = C

Up to three weeks late, the highest grade issued = D

Internet & notes

The class will be offered a referral web site for its use. Due Dates, Notes, and Secondary Reading will be reflected at:

email contact:

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