World History
Chapter 12 -- Reading Guide #1 (pages 315 to 324)

The Decline of Roman Authority in the West

Where is new Rome?
Where is old Rome?
Which Roman Emperor created this new Rome?

Germanic Migrations

Who/what pushed the Goths into the Roman Empire?

Eventually the Goths become part of the Roman Empire.  How does this happen?

Why does the textbook refer to the Goths as barbarians?

What culture did the Goths spread, as their power and influence grew in the West?

Which of the Germanic peoples followed the Nicene Creed?

Which of them followed the Arian Creed?

The Byzantine Empire
The Reign of Justinian
What are the years associated with Justinian rule?

What role does Theodora, Justinian's wife, play in his rule?  Why is this unusual?

What important changes or imprints does Justinian leave on the Byzantine Empire?

Eastern Influences
Which emperor halts the Islamic attacks?

How does Leo offend Western Christianity?

The Impact of Islam on East & West
How were the Arab invaders different from the Germanic?

Why did the Egyptian & Syrian Christians feel hatred against the Greek or Orthodox Church?

What restrictions did the Muslims place upon the Christians?

The Western Debt to Islam
How did the Muslims help in creating a unique “Greco-Roman & Germanic” culture in the West?

What did the Arabs do to preserve Greek & Roman culture?

The Developing Roman Church
What does it mean when the textbook says, the Christian Church was potent civilizing and unifying force?

Monastic Culture
Define the first monks' beliefs or actions.

What were the little cities of God?  Why did they exist?

What changes does Benedict bring to Monastic life & culture?

The Doctrine of Papal Primacy
What is Papal Primacy?

How is this different than the Orthodox Church (and state) in Byzantium?

How does Pope Damasus I establish this doctrine?

Division of Christendom
Name the THREE divisions & separations between the Christian Church of the East and West.

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