History Project
4th Quarter Presentation
Grades & Guidelines

The project is worth 100 points.  Below is a “break-down” of the individual values assigned to each aspect of the project.

Performance         50 points
   Costume            10 points
   Originality/Creativity        20 points
   Clarity/Coherence        10 points
   Time limits            10 points

Content & Information    50 points
   3 questions            10 points
   Biography            10 points
   Influences            10 points
   Legacy                10 points
   Organization            10 points

   First in class to present     +5%
   On-time            +0%
   Late                -25%

*Costume: you must present in costume – as your character
*Originality/creativity: refers to the intangibles, which create a strong performance (entertaining & interesting & believability & preparedness)
*Clarity/coherence: the ability for the audience to understand what you are saying and follow the various elements of the presentation
*Time: 5 to 15 minutes

* 3 questions: provide within the presentation 3 questions & answersrelating to the most important elements of your performance
* Biography: a short summary of who you are & when you lived –why your character is important
* Influences: who influenced or inspired your character
* Legacy: what did your character leave behind? Who did they inspire?
* Organization: the content thoughtfully organized & easy to comprehend

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