Just Because Exercises

activity 1:

Go to a supermarket. Time your entrance into the store such that someone else triggers the door to open -- so that if you had never existed the door would still have opened at that moment. Walk up and down the ailes without touching anything. Then, to leave the store, time it so that someone else triggers the door to open.

If you should accidentally touch something - a person, a shopping cart or a product - select something cheap in the shop, buy it and leave through the checkout counter in the normal fashion. Don't buy the thing you touch since it may be a person or a shopping cart. The intention is not to touch anything. If all goes well, you will have entered without causing the door to open, walked around the store without touching anything and left without causing the door to open.

activity 2:

Go to a museum -- a museum with art on the walls in the best.

Time your entrance so that someone else opens the door.

Spend two hours in the museum.  You may wander, sit, pace, look at the walls, the floors, the people, the architecture, do anything other than look at the art on the walls or the exhibits.

If you find yourself looking at any of the art, cross yourself in the following fashion.  Touch the bridge of your nose and say quietly "spectacles."  Touch the area near... (where the zipper of your pants would be if you were wearing jeans) and say "testicles."  Touch the area left of your heart and say "wallet."  Touch the area right of your heart and say "cigars."

activity 3:

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Keep trying these until you complete them to your satisfaction.
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